Department of Physiotherapy (RESEARCH TOPICS 2005-2013)

1 Addai-Yeboah Ernest Self Perceived Domestic Care Giving For Patients With Stroke; An Effective Component Of The Rehabilitation Programme
2 Agyapong-Badu Sandra Relationship Between Standing Balance Recovery and Some Clinical Attributes in Hemiparetic Stroke Patients


Amankomah Paul The Use Of Combined Exercise Therapy and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in the Management of Primary Dysmenorrhoea Pain; a Case Study
4 Ankomah Joseph Patients’ Satisfaction with Physiotherapy Care at the Out-Patient Physiotherapy Units of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Accra
5 Ashigbi Evans Yayra Kwaku A Comparative Study of Health-Related Attributes of Obese Active and Obese Inactive Female Ghanaian Adults
6 Boakye-Ansah Dorothy Pattern of Cerebral Palsy Seen at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Accra
7 Carsamer Sandra A Five-Year (Dec 1999-Dec 2004) Referral Pattern of Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injuries to the Physiotherapy Department of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Accra
8 Ibrahim Iddi Prevalence of Low-Back Pain (LBP) among Nurses in Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Accra
9 Jones-Okai Darlene A Two-Year Prevalence Study of Low-Back Pain (LBP) among Patients Attending the Physiotherapy Clinic of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Accra
10 Morrison Reynolds Arthur Evidence-Based Practice. Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Beliefs of Physiotherapists in Ghana
11 Osei Appiah-Kubi Kwadwo Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Therapeutic Exercises and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain (LBP)
12 Owusu-Ansah Bertha Comparative Efficacy of Hot Packs and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in the Management Of Knee Joint Osteoarthritis
13 Owusu-Mensah David Comparative Study of the Motor and Functional Recovery Between Depressed Hemiplegics and their Non-Depressed Counterparts Undergoing Rehabilitation
1 Adjabeng Teiko Magdalene Awareness and Knowledge of Physiotherapy Services among the General Public in the Accra Metropolis
2 Adjabu Dorothy Ekua Cervical Spondylosis: Which Of The Two (TENS and Therapeutic Exercise or Shortwave Diathermy and Therapeutic Exercise) is More Beneficial
3 Adjetey Charity Awareness of Physiotherapy Services among Health Professionals in Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Accra
4 Afu Christopher Selase Pattern of Common Injuries among Footballers: A Retrospective Study of Four Professional Football Clubs in Accra and Team
5 Agbetsoamedo Charles
6 Agudzeamegah Cinderellla Mliwomo The Efficacy of Interferential Therapy and Exercise Therapy in the Treatment of Low Back Pain (LBP)
7 Aryee Augustina Bortsie Management Of Stroke Patients; Does Treadmill Walking Improve Ambulation?
8 Bansah Edem Korkor Early Physiotherapy Rehabilitation And Recovery Of Mobility In Stroke Patients
9 Boakye-Afram Bernard Health Related Quality of Life of Individuals Who Have Buruli Ulcer Compared With Apparently Healthy Counterparts in Amasaman of the Ga East District of the Greater Accra Region, Ghana
10 Buah Bismark Wheelchair Accessibility of Public Building in Accra, Ghana
11 Danquah Inkum Frederick The Efficacy Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Shortwave Diathermy in the Management of Osteoarthritis of the Knees
12 Deih Ntumi Abraham Coping with the Psychological Stress of Cerebral Palsy as Family-the Role of the Physiotherapist
13 Kobiri Adelaide Comparative Study of Balance and Activity Participation Between Aided and Unaided Ambulant Post-Stroke Hemiparetic Patients
14 Kotey Johanna Koteikai Distribution Of Burn Injuries and Physiotherapy Management; A Six-Year Retrospective Study at the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Centre, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Accra
15 Nuako Isaac Kojo Fabrication of a Simple Device for Sitting, Balance and Co-Ordination for the Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy
16 Nyarko Alberta Amissah The Prevalence of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Workers In Selected Ghanaian Banking Industries
17 Samir Muhammad Misbah Psychometric Properties of Two Ghanaian Versions of Pain Rating Scales
18 Solomon Abigail Boadu Comparison of General Health Status of Recreating and Non-Recreating Individuals with Physical Disability in Accra, Ghana
19 Cudjoe Cynthia Effect of Aerobic Exercise Training on Balance Impairment of Hemiplegic Stroke Patients
20 Ampofo-Addo Obeyaa Pattern of Utilization of Wheelchair by Physically Challenged Individuals in Accra, Ghana
21 Yarfi Cosmos Improvement In Muscle Strength Of Children With Obstetric Brachial Plexus
1 Chris-Mike Agbelie Content Analysis Of Physician Referrals To Physiotherapists At The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra
2 Lewis Ahiaku Kofi Management Of Golfing Injuries Among Amateur Golfers In Accra
3 Amponsah Richard Patient Satisfaction With Physiotherapy Management On The Wards Of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital; Accra
4 Harry Yaw Annan Comparative Study Of The Efficacy Of Trancutaneus Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Therapy And Shortwave Diathermy (SWD) Therapy In The Management Of Low Back Pain
5 Mercy Naana Ayensua Effect Of Formal Back Care Education In Management And Prevention Of Low Back Pain (LBP) Among Nurses In Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH)
6 Emmanuel Bonney Injury Patterns Among Male Field Hockey Players In Accra, Ghana
7 Emmanuel Frimpong Effectiveness Of Circuit Training In Physical Fitness Of Stroke Survivors
8 Samuel B.E Harrison The Association Between Obesity And Osteoarthritis Of The Knee And Hip Among Patients Reporting At The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
9 Wilhelmina Abla Kinikonen Effect Of Prenatal Physical Activity On The Outcome Of Labour In Pregnant Ghanaian Women
10 Louisa Naa Klorkai Korley Challenges Faced By Individuals Living With Lower Limb Amputation In The Accra Metropolis
11 Bridget Numarce A Comparison Of The Electrical And Manual Stimulation In The Treatment Of Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Paralysis
12 John Kwesi Nyamekye Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disoders Among Nurses At The Orthopaedic And Paediatric Wards At Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
13 Ernest Kwesi Ofori Effect Of Ergometer Cycling On Ambulation In Post Stroke Patients
14 Rhodaline Okai Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Long-Distance Drivers In Acrra
15 Asabea Opare-Appiah Quality Of Life Assessment Of Post –Stroke Patients Attending The Physiotherapy Departments Of The Korle-Bu Teaching And 37 Millittary Hospital
16 Bengamin Bediako Opoku Occupational Stress Among Physiotherapist; Effect On Quality Health Care Delivery
17 – Samuel Kweku Wie Otoo The Impact Of Caregiving On The General Health Of Ghanaian Caregivers Of Cerebral Palsy Paients
18 Nana Safoah Twum-Ampofo Psychological Stress In Facial Palsy Patients Implication For Physiotherapists
19 Ezeakile Chukwuezugolum Effect Of Backward Walking Exercise On The Recovery Of Walking In Post Stroke Hemiparetic Patients
20 Kwabena Boakye-Yiadom Prevalence Of Low Back Pain Among Allied Health Students Of University Of Ghana
21 Doreen Kyei Prempeh Prevalence Of Obesity In Junior Secondary School Children Within The Accra Metropolis
22 Robert Ugonna Azode Evidence-Based Management Of Low Back Pain Patients By Physiotherapists In Ghana
23 Thelma Emmaraobebi Dangana Physiotherapy Students’ Perception And Attitudes Towards Clinical Learning At The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
24 Dabotubo Ogaree Awareness Of The Risk Factors Of Stroke Among The Academic Staff Of The College Of Health Sciences, University Of Ghana
25 Kareem A. Oshinboyejo The Relative Contribution Of Physical And Psychosocial Factors 2to Mechanical Performance Of Chronic Knee Osteoarthritic Patients In Accra, Ghana
26 Moses Omoruyi Egharevba Awareness Of Stoke Among Hypertensive Patients Attending Korle- Bu Teaching Hospital
27 Jerry Pratt Newton Comparative Study Of The Efficacy Of Mckenzie Exercises And Kraus-Weber Exercises In The Treatment Of Chronic Low Back Pain
28 Ann Bretaah Codjoe Prevelance Of Occupational Low Back Pain Among Workers Of Goldfields Ghana Limited, Tarkwa, Ghana
1 Sena Ulric Abonie Reference Values Of Elbow And Knee Goniometric Measures Among Apparently Healthy Ghanaians. Influence Of Age, Gender And Dominance.
2 Mavis Adjeley Agoe The Psychosocial Impact Of Sickle Cell Disease And Cerebral Palsy On Caregivers Of Affected Children
3 Stephen Amoah Agyeman Factors Influencing The Choice Between Traditional And Orthodox Treatments Among Stroke Patients At Korle- Bu Teaching
4 Akinsanmi Olawunmi Determinants Of Ambulatory Performance Among Stroke Survivors
5 – Gifty Naa Akushia Akushie The Effect Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Combined With Exercise Therapy In The Management Of Osteoarthritis Of The Knee At Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
6 Yao Mensah Amedzo The Relative Effectiveness Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation And Hot Pack In The Management Of Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain
7 Amobi Chukwuemeka A Comparison Study Of The Efficacy Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation And Cryotherapy In The Treatment Of Sports Injury In Athletes
8 Cedelle Tabitha Andoh Analgesic Effects Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation And Interferential Currents On Cold Induced Pain Threshold In Apparently Healthy Individuals
9 Ebenezer Out Anobah The Efficacy Of Exercise Therapy On Shoulder Functions And Quality Of Life In Women After Breast Cancer Surgery
10 Rita Appiah Effect Of Cervical Traction In The Treatment Of Cervical Spondylosis
11 Asante Isaac Adjei Assessment Of Back Extensor Muscles’ Endurance And Flexibility Among Male And Female Low Back Pain Patients
12 Beatrice Efua Amoke Rockson Electromyographic-Triggered Neuromuscular Stimulation For The Functional Hand Recovery Among Stroke Survivors
13 FYaa Takyiwaa Danso Impact Of Home Exercise Educational Package On The Knowledge Of Parents With Cerebral Palsy Children
14 Ruki Nicole Oghenerukevwe Ekpekurede. Assessment Of Functional Limitation Of Patients With Buruli Ulcer In The Greater Accra Region
15 Hamza Fatima Bala The Status Of Lung Function Among Some Workers Within A Sawmill At The Timber Market Community In Accra, Gh
16 Edwina Warigbani Horton Attitudes Of Clinical Physiotherapy Students And Interns Towards Persons With Disabilities
17 Kalu Happiness Nkechi Comparative Study Of The Efficacy Of Hydrotherapy And Conventional Land-Based Exercise In The Management Of Chronic Low Back Pain
18 Shika Kuwornu Comparative Efficacy Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation And 5 Percent Ibuprofen Iontophoresis In The Management Of Knee Joint Osteoarthritis
19 Eustace MBK Tehoda Environmental Barriers To Mobility Among Out-Patient Geriatrics And The Effects On Their Quality Of Life At The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.
20 Twum Frank Effectiveness Of Cryotherapy In The Prevention Of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
21 Hussein Botchway Effects Of Career Information On Knowledge Of Physiotherapy Among Science Student’s In Selected Senior High Schools In Greater Accra
22 Niendow Alhassan Body Fat Body Mass Index And Skinfold Patterning Among University Students Weight-Lifters And Footballers In Ghana.
23 Pearl Golder Appiah Effect Of A Six Week Wooden Balance Beam Training On Dynamic Balance Performance Of Hemiparetic Stroke Patients In The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
1 Addo Prince Influence Of Age, Sex, Height And Maximal Isometric Hamstring Strength On Functional Reach Of Apparently Healthy Individuals
2 Addo Ebenezer Richmond The Comparative Effects Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Cryotherapy And Placebo Treatment On Pain, Swelling And Trismus Following Surgical Extraction Of The Third (3rd) Molar Tooth.
3 Allotey Joel Chukwunweuba Comparative Study Of Sit And Reach Test And Fingertip-Floor Test In The Assessment Of Flexibility
4 Allotey Rolanda Fatima Prevalence Of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Physiotherapists In Ghana
5 Anim Queenly Efficacy Of Spinal Stabilisation Exercises In The Management Of Chronic Low Back Pain At Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra.
6 Apatira Yewande A Neuroepidemiological Study On Stroke At Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital And Ridge Hospital
7 Appiah Lartey Quality Of Life Among Caregivers Of Stroke Survivors In Ghana
8 Asiedu Eunice Nyarkoh Knowledge On Preventive Measures Of Nosocomial Infection Among Clinical Students Of The College Of Health Sciences: A Comparative Study.
9 Asomaning-Boakye Mercy Influence Of Hand Dominance, Sex And Body Mass IndexOn Hand Grip Strength In Apparently Healthy Individuals
10 Banson Adjoa Nkrumah Site-Dependence In The Perception Of TranscutaneousElectrical Nerve Stimulation Intensity Over The

Bodies Of Apparently Healthy Individuals.

11 Blebo Thomas Efficacy Of Group Exercises Sessions On Mobility Of Post Stroke Survivors At Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
12 Evedzi Albert Thomas A Comparative Study Of The Effect Of Leg Dominance On Static Postural Balance Among Apparently Healthy College Students
13 Klufio Sheila Naa Adjeley Effects of Exercise and Posture Correction on Low Back Pain in Pregnant Women
14 Kofi-Bediako Woyram Abla Time and Financial Cost Of Cerebral Palsy Care to Caregivers At Korle- Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra.
15 Ngwu Ruth Onyekachi Relationship Between Pain Intensity, Blood Pressure And Pulse Rate Of Patients With Cervical Spondylosis During Cervical Traction.
16 Nsiah Afriyie Eight-Week Assessment Of The Level Of Functional Independence In Post-Stroke Patients In Some Selected Physiotherapy Departments In Accra-Ghana
17 Oduro Rachel Clinical And Anthropometric Determinants Of Static Balance In Stroke Survivors
18 Okai Jude Atukwei The Influence Of Age, Sex, Standing Height On Self-Paced Cadence, Stride Length And Forward Walking Velocity In Apparently Healthy Individuals
19 Okodugha Osahon Joseph Cognitive Impairment After Stroke: Frequency, Patterns, And Relationship To Functional Abilities
20 Ononiwu Ebubechi Chinyere Quality Of Life And Physiotherapy Treatment Satisfaction Among Burns Patients
21 Osei-Boateng Humphrey Anthropometric And Physiological Predictors Of LowBack Pain Among Pregnant Women In Selected

Hospitals In Accra, Ghana

22 Owusu Boakye Emmanuel Effects Of Aerobic Exercises On Some Selected Physiological Parameters And Quality Of Life In Diabetic Patients
23 Owusu Michael Kissiedu Prevalence Of Low Back Pain Among Computer Users In Selected Branches Of Ghana Commercial Bank In The Greater Accra Metropolis
24 Pokua Christina Determinants Of Post-Stroke Depression Among Stroke Survivors: Implication For Functional Disabilities
25 Udoh Aniekan Nkpoikana Attitude Of Patients Towards Clinical Physiotherapy Students In Selected Physiotherapy Departments In Accra
26 Uwabor Emmauel Eluemelem Differences In Three Stakeholder Expectations In The Physiotherapy Management Of Chronic Low Back Pain
27 Van-Tagoe Jemima Interferential Current Therapy On The Physiotherapy Management Of Avascular Necrosis Of The Femoral Head In Sickle Cell Patients
28 Wuver Selasie Sharon Influence Of Age, Sex And Body Mass Index On The Health-Related Quality Of Life Of Patients With Hip Replacement
1 Acquah, Kow Doudo Anthropometric Determinants of Hamstring Strength
2 Adrah Stella Elikplim Efficacy of Mirror Therapy in Arm Rehabilitation of Hemiparetic Stroke Survivors
3 Ababio Edward Influence of Pain, Hip Range of Motion and Activities of daily Living on Turn-180 among Elderly People
4 Agoriwo Wetani Mary Effect of an Assessment ‘Pro Forma’ on the Assessment of Patients with Low Back Pain
5 Ahenkorah, Josephine The Knowledge and Utilization of Selected Standardized Outcome measures among Physiotherapists in Ghana
6 Arthur Judith Effects of Prenatal Exercises on Selected Cardio-respiratory variables among Pregnant Women
7 Ampiah, Paapa Kwesi Knowledge of Stroke among Hypertensive-Diabetic Patients in Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
8 Ansah Samuel Influence of Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference and Waist-Hip Ratio on Knee Osteoarthritis
9 Arthur, Kojo Daniel Effect of Chronic Unilateral Low Back Pain on the Outcomes of the Multi Directional Reach and Single Leg Stand Tests
10 Asomaning, Felix Oware Influence of Balance and Flexibility on Mobility in Post-Hemiparetic Stroke Patients
11 Banini Sandra The Clinical Efficacy of Kinesio-taping in Erb’s Palsy at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra
12 Boakye Achampong, Kwaku Epidemiology of Soccer Injuries among Players of Zones 3A and 3B Teams of the Poly Tank Division One League
13 Crankson, Shirley The Effects of TENS before and after Exercises Applications in the management of Knee Osteoarthritis
14 Dengzee Akyerekoh Sylvester Health Related Quality of Life and its Determinants in Persons Affected by Leprosy in Southern Ghana
15 Dodoo, Alfred K. Autonomy in Participation Among HIV patients at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra
16 Dunyo, Delali Pearl Determinants of Treatment Compliance among Patients Attending Out-Patient Physiotherapy Clinic
17 Foli, Margaret Akpene Pattern of pain Distribution in Patients with Radiating Low Back Pain: A Patho-Anatomic Assessment Approach using Gluteal Triangle
18 Fosu, Daniel Twum A Comparative Study of Hand Functional Status among Stroke Patients Receiving Physiotherapy and Traditional Rehabilitation
19 Kumako, Yvonne Lynn Relationship between Socio-demographic Characteristics and level of Disability at the Onset of Stroke
20 Kwasie, Adjokyi Theresa The Effects of comprehensive patient Education on Treatment Outcomes amongst Patients with low back pain
21 Larweh, Maxwell Injury Patterns among Ghanaian Footballers During the 2009/2010 Ghana Premiere League Season
22 Nartey Caleb G. K. A Comparative study of the Effects of Walking Aids on Cardiovascular Parameters, Energy Cost and Walking Speed in the Elderly Patients
23 Ohene Darko Eunice A Comparative Study of the Psychosocial Behaviours of two groups of Cerebral palsy Children Caregivers
24 Plange, Emmanuel Bart Effect of Age, Gender and Leg Dominance on the Quadriceps Strength and Range of motion at the Hip and Knee
25 Quartey-Papafio Charles Boye Comparative study of the Effects of TENS and Moist Hot Pack in the Management of Chronic Low Back Pain at Korle-bu Teaching Hospital, Accra
26 Sessenu, Philip Mensah Comparative Effect of Sea sand and Hard Surface Walking on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate
27 Soetan, Damilola Funmilayo Association between Habitual Footwear and the Prevalence of Pes Planus amongst Female students in the University of Ghana
28 Sulemana Idrisu Baba Effect of number of Repetitions of weight-bearing exercises on selected gait parameters in stroke patients
29 Tawiah, Andrews Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Workers at the AngloGold Ashanti-Obuasi Mines
30 Torgbenu, Eric Lawer Prevalence of Low Back Pain and Treatment Preference among Nurses in Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Accra
31 Yaro Zenabu Time and Financial costs in the management of Low Back Pain to Patients at Korle-Bu teaching Hospital
32 Lawson Ivy Golda Attitudes, Knowledge and Barriers Towards Continuing Professional Development among Clinical Physiotherapists in Ghana
1 Abigail Gladys Narh Health-related Quality of Life among Persons with Physical Disability in Accra
2 Emma Adwoba Nyarkoah Adu The Psychosocial Effects of Obesity among ObeseGhanaian School Children in the Accra Metropolis
3 Alexander Adu-Gyamfi A Study on the Relationship Between LumbosacralAngle and Chronic Low Back Pain among Females
4 Asare Timothy Bimpeh Knowledge and Perceptions of Stroke amongSelected Educated Ghanaians
5 Acquah Appah Augustine Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Pregnant Women in Selected Hospitals in Accra on Birth Defects
6 Adjasoo Benedicta Pattern of Musculoskeletal Pain among DentalPractitioners in Accra
7 Dennis Assibey Prevalence of Work Related MusculoskeletalDisorders among Sawmill Workers in Accra
8 Emmanuel Nii Kwei Codjoe Occurrence and Effect of Kinesiophobia among Patients with Musculoskeletal Disorders in Some Selected Hospitals in Accra
9 Egyin Esther Esi Profile of Patients with Low Back Pain in Selected Hospitals In Accra Metropolis
10 Ewurabena Dansoa Koranteng Reliablity of Goniometric Measurements and Visual Estimates of Knee Range of Motion Obtained in a Clinical Setting
11 Fienya Gabriel Kwame Association between Cardiovascular Endurance andAnthropometric Measuements of Students in the School of Allied Health Sciences
12 Francis Agyen Frimpong Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs And Practices of Postpartum Women Towards Exercises after Delivery
13 Frank Kwame Kpeme Prevalence and Pattern of High Blood Pressure amongTraders at the Accra Makola Market
14 Hagar Nartey Sexual Dysfunction among Patients with Chronic LowBack Pain in Accra
15 Narh Ivy First Contact Physiotherapy Practice: Opinions and Beliefs of Physiotherapists Working in Ghana
16 Jude Adrian Davids Motivation of Clinical Students in the School of AlliedHealth Sciences
17 Kwasi Dwumah Ofori-Kuragu A Comparative Efficacy of Abdominal Training and Lower Extremity Strengthening on Dynamic Postural Control
18 Aremu Love Olawumi Computer Usage Patterns and Musculoskeletal Discomfortamong College of Health Sciences Students in the University of Ghana
19 Lumortsey Eric Epidemiology of Lower Limb Fractures and Outcome ofAmbulatory Rehabilitation
20 Mary-Joan Nsenkyire Career Aspirations and Job Satisfaction: A Survey ofUnemployed, Employed and Ghanaian Trained Physiotherapists
21 Odukwe Uchechukwu Nkemakonam Investigation of Thoracic Kyphosis among AthleticCyclists in the Accra Community
22 Okyere Baffour Agyei Psychosocial Impact of Burns Injury on Clients at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital
23 Oppong Kwadwo Samuel Pattern of Neck Range of Motion Limitation in Patients with Cervical Spondylosis
24 Osei Kofi The Factors Influencing Community Reintegration ofStroke Survivors in Accra
25 Prince Addo Osei Evaluation of Adherence to PhysiotherapyManagement in Low Back Pain Clients at some Selected

Hospitals in Accra

26 Oware, Regina Reference Values of Knee Extensor Muscle EnduranceIndex among Clinical Healthcare Students of the

College of Health Sciences, Korle-Bu

27 Akoi Yaa Assoh Influence of Sex, Body Mass Index and Leg Dominance on the Q-Angle of Footballers in Selected Football Clubs in Accra
28 Obese-Amaning Joseph Comparative Study of the Effect of Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises and Open Kinetic Chain Exercises on Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis
29 Tetteh Elvis Influence of Age, Gender, Body Mass Index and LumbarDisc Degeneration on Low Back Pain in some Selected

Hospitals in Ghana

30 Persis Ama Asaam The Level of Involvement of Fathers in the Care of Children with Cerebral Palsy
31 Akontoh Samuel Knowledge and Perception of Physiotherapy as HealthProfession among Final Year Science Students in Selected Senior High Schools in Greater Accra
32 Abraham Yeh Sources and Level of Stress in Undergraduate AlliedHealth Science Students in University of Ghana
33 Maa Adjoa Akoto Adjei Comparison Between Self and Proxy Reports of Perceived Functional Independence among Stroke Survivors in Accra
No. Name Title
1 Abigail Sitsope Sepenu Mismatch of Classroom Furniture and Students’ Body Dimensions at School of Allied Health Sciences, University of Ghana
2 Adwoa Adowaa Adu Pattern and Prevalence of Work-Related Musculloskeletal Disorders among Kaya Yei within Selected Markets in Accra
3 Agoalikum Shariphine The Effect of Footwear on Balance among Community-Dwelling Elderly Persons in Accra
4 Alabi Oluwasegun Joseph Accuracy in the Interpretation of Plain Radiographs of Lumbar Spondylosis among Clinical Physiotherapists in Ghana
5 Amos Badu Functional Activity and Quality of Life of Persons with Lower Limb Amputation in the Accra Metropolis
6 Asamoah John, Boateng Participation Level of Ghanaian Clinical Physiotherapists in Research
7 Ayamga, John Agana Energy Expenditure and Weight Bearing Estimates of Bilateral Knee Osteoarthritic Patients in Stair Ascent with Axillary and Elbow Crutches
8 Ekpe Kwakou Beke Functional Independence in Hemiplegic Stroke Patients: Comparison of Pre and Post Physiotherapy Rehabilitation
9 Berning Amoah Kwame Festus Impact of Aerobic Exercise on Cardio Respiratory Endurance of Patients with Sickle Cell Anaemia
10 Omoregie Abimbola Anthonia Effects of Prescribed Prenatal Exercises on the Outcomes of Labour
11 Daniel Opoku Knowledge of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Camera Operators in Media Houses in Accra
12 Yusuf Dorcas Kyela Impact of Physiotherapy on the Level of Community Reintegration of Stroke Survivors in Greater Accra
13 Asare Emmanuel Physiotherapy Students’ Satisfaction on Clinical Learning Environment and Supervision
14 Eric Addai Kesse Degyaw Effects of Music on some Selected Cardiovascular and Scalar Variables During a 20 Minute Treadmill Use
15 Affram Nyamekye Isaac Prevalence of Scoliosis in Ghanaian School Children within the Accra Metropolis
16 Judith Acorlor Preference of Physiotherapist Gender by Clients in Greater Accra
17 Lilian Akua Monnie Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Hemodynamics and Functional Capability of Patients with Sickle Cell Disease.
18 Louisa Anokyewaa Appiah Screening for Developmental Delay among Apparently Healthy Children Attending Child Welfare Clinic in a Rural Community
29 Oluyinka Ruth Ogunbola Impact of Physiotherapy Intervention on Sleep Disturbance and Functional Activity among Low Back Patients
20 Ofori-Amoah Peter Patient Satisfaction with Out- Patient Physiotherapy Care at Public Hospitals in Greater Accra
21 Afidemenyo Selorm Athletes’ Expectation about Physiotherapy in Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Greater Accra Region
22 Ntiriwaa Theodora Musculoskeletal Disorders Associated with the Regular Use of High Heeled Shoes among Corporate Women
23 Tochi Onyekachi Ebuzie Comparison of Conventional Therapy and Theraband Exercises on Frozen Shoulder at Hospitals in Greater Accra Region
24 Osei Tony Akowuah Knowledge on the Role of Physiotherapy among Technical Staffs of the Soccer Teams in the Ghanaian Premier League
25 Yusuf Dorcas Kyela Impact of Physiotherapy on the Level of Community Reintegration of Stroke Survivors in Greater Accra
26 Yvonne Kyei Mills Predictors, Seasonal Pattern, and Physiotherapy Management of Bell’s Palsy in Southern Ghana


No. Name Title
1 Abbey Winifred Naa Abele Kooko Clinical Supervisors’ Perception of the Competence, Knowledge and Attitude of Physiotherapy Students during Clinical Rotation
2 Abebrese Thomas Patients’ Privacy Assessment at Two Out-Patient Physiotherapy Departments in the Accra Metropolis
3 Aboah Amma Anima Knowledge, Attitudes and Barriers Towards Physical Activity among Type-2 Diabetes Patients
4 Joyce Lomokie Adjokatse Physiotherapy Practices in Stroke Rehabilitation in Ghana
5 Afrifa Diana Ama The Relationship between Flat Footwear and Pes Planus Among Nurses: Implications for Musculoskeletal Disorders
6 Boakye Hosea Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Physiotherapists towards Health Promotion in Ghana
7 Davor Setordzor Frederick Pattern of Injuries among Basketball Players in Accra, Ghana
8 Dodoo Frances Afra Level of Physical Activity and Anthropometric Variables of Type 2 Diabetes Patients
9 Edu Augustine Relationship between Occupational Tasks and Functional Disability Secondary to Gestational Low Back Pain
10 Ellen Mensa Bonsu The Level of Physical Function of Burn Patients Following Six (6) Weeks of Physiotherapy
11 Fowewe-Eshinlokun Saidat Expected Role of Physiotherapists in the Management of Pressure Ulcers
12 Jessie Aku Allotey The Influence of the Knowledge and Attitudes of Physiotherapists towards Patients Living with Hiv/Aids in Ghana
13 Klu Mawulolo Missed Appointments to Out-Patient Physiotherapy Clinic: Essential Predictors to Current Model
14 Mangdow Mustapha Wuni Predictors of Return to Work among Post Stroke Survivors
15 Mensah Naa Abokailey Impact of Physiotherapy on the Pain Intensity of Children with Cerebral Palsy
16 Naomesi Nana Ama Siba Knowledge and Perception of the Role of Physiotherapy among Members of Hockey Teams in Accra
17 Obeng Florence Assessment of Stroke Survivors’ Adherence to Home-Based Exercise Programmes in Selected Hospitals in Accra
18 Opoku Bridgette Influence of Sociodemographic Profiles on Selected Component of Physical Fitness of Physiotherapists in Accra Metropolis
19 Owusu Anthony Twum Perception on the Process of Care among Primary Caregivers of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Selected Physiotherapy Departments in Accra
20 Quartey Papafio Clement Comparative Study of the Effects of Shortwave Diathermy and Ultrasound Therapy in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis
21 Sam Bernard Factors that Influence Gross Motor Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy
22 Zimmowura Seidu Patients Knowledge Attitude and Beliefs on the Risk Factors of Low Back Pain in Accra, Ghana
23 Anastasia Yaa Mirekua Agyei Comparison of Practice of Rural and Urban Dwelling Pregnant Women in Physical Activity
24 Derek Owusu Odame Perception on the Process of Care among Primary Caregivers of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Selected Physiotherapy Departments in Accra
25 Jeffrey Amoah Danso Influence of Body Mass Index, Q- Angle and Tibiofemoral Alignment on the Clinical Deficits of Osteoarthritis of the Knee
26 Jeffrey William Quainoo Effects of Air Pollution from Garbage and Sewage on Cardiovascular Changes after 3-Minute Step Test
27 Kotei Rebecca Kuorkor Determinants of Risk of Fall among the Elderly in the Accra Metropolis
28 Lotsu Edmund Senanu Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Fasting Blood Glucose Level and Blood Pressure of Diabetic-Hypertensive Clients
29 Magyan Juliet Asiedua Effect of Exercise on Pain Levels in Primary Dysmenorrhea among Female Students of School of Allied Health Sciences
30 Mohammed Tawagidu Effect of Exercise Therapy in the Management of Hip and Knee Joint Pain and Function in Sickle Cell Disease
31 Nana Boakye Antwi Caring for Stroke Survivors in Ghana: The Strain of Caregivers
32 Obodai, Gertrude Naa Torshie Functional Improvement of Patients Following Total Hip Athroplasty