Brief Introduction

The Evidence-Based Practice Research Group of the Ghana Physiotherapy Association (GPA) is two years. As a Group, our vision is to promote the evidence-based practice culture among physiotherapists and other rehabilitation professionals through research, training, and advocacy to advance quality patient-centered care within and beyond Ghana. Since its establishment on 13th March 2022, the Group has consistently worked to fulfil this vision through its flagship programs (GPA Evidence Updates and GPA Evidence Database), webinars, workshops and mentorships programs.

To celebrate the Group’s two years anniversary, we cordially invite you to join our virtual celebratory event themed: “Capacity building for physiotherapists as evidence-based rehabilitation practitioners in developing countries”. Within this celebratory event, and in keeping with our advocacy arm as a Group, we will discuss meaningful ways and opportunities that physiotherapists working within developing countries can build their capacity to become global evidence-based professionals within the rehabilitation space.

Why this topic?

Physiotherapy is now recognized as an evidence-based practice profession. Indeed, our global governing body, World Physiotherapy advocates for lifelong learning among all physiotherapists, who are key stakeholders within the rehabilitation workforce. Globally, rehabilitation is under-resourced, underdeveloped, and poorly equipped thus making it difficult for professionals such as physiotherapists and particularly those working in low-resource contents to provide adequate services those who require. From global perspectives, one of the ways to optimize rehabilitation is by building the capacity of the rehabilitation workforce and expanding the availability of evidence to support rehabilitation, and this informed the theme of our 2nd anniversary event.



This celebratory virtual event will explore ways to build the capacity of physiotherapists working in developing countries such as Ghana to become global evidence-based rehabilitation professionals. More specifically, our keynote speaker will:

  1. Discuss the concept of capacity building within rehabilitation and physiotherapy with a focus on exploring ways to achieve it as physiotherapists working in developing countries.
  2. Share insights on how emerging professionals can identify characteristics of successful examples of lived experiences of capacity building, and what future steps to take.
  3. Inspire and empower the next generation of physiotherapists and other rehabilitation professionals in attendance to become evidence-based rehabilitation professionals through her talk.

Mode of delivery

A 90-minute online presentation and discussions on ZOOM

3rd July 2024 I 5:00 – 6:30 pm GMT

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SpeakerDr Beatrice Sankah (PhD)

  • Group Lead, EBP Research Group, GPA, Ghana
  • Visiting Researcher, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

What we hope to achieve

Upon attending this event, attendees will:

  1. Get to know more about the Group, its operations, and our achievements.
  2. Acquire knowledge on ways to build and/or strengthen their capacity to become evidence-based rehabilitation professionals working within developing countries.
  3. Learn from real-life and lived experiences of some physiotherapists who have defied all odds to become evidence-based physiotherapists, and by extension global rehabilitation professionals.
  4. Gain insights on recommendations and practical directions to shape rehabilitation practice among physiotherapists in Ghana and other developing countries.
  5. Be empowered to become the next generation of evidence-based physiotherapists within a global rehabilitation ecosystem.

How we plan to achieve this

We plan to achieve this through an interactive and engaging learning session by discussing global evidence on rehabilitation capacity building and recommendations from experts, and key physiotherapy stakeholders. Within allowable time, we plan to have live discussions with the audience and attendees to explore their views and perspectives on the topic.

Participation is free

Join us to celebrate through learning

We look forward to seeing you on 3rd July 2024

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Dr Beatrice E.A. Sankah (PhD)
(On behalf of the EBP Research Group, GPA)
X: @Bea_Sankah