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Geriatrics – A Case For The Old, A Crystal Ball Of Your Future

“ Panyinna obi ny3 bi da, naabofra de3 obiara ay3 bi pen” is an old Akan adage which emphasizes the uncertainty of old age. The Aged, the world over, are most times neglected, ostracized and plagued by a plethora of sensory impairments. Depression is also common because of functional loss of mobility and inability to perform Activity of Daily Living. Hence, the need and essence of Geriatrics Physiotherapy.Geriatrics rehabilitation in the context of physiotherapy covers three main areas: 1.) the effects of normal ageing which often culminate into disuse and deconditioning; 2.) Series of cardiovascular problems such as cerebrovascular accident, congestive heart failure e.t.c and 3.) musculoskeletal and rheumatologic problems like osteoporosis, arthritis and fractures.

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