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The Uniformity Conundrum

 Mark Twain, a Philosopher wrote that, ‘clothes make a man’ though that is controversial, there is some truth embedded therein. All over the world many organisations and professional groups have adopted one form of dress code or the other over the years with many still undergoing some metamorphosis; a uniform is generally considered as a set of standard clothing worn by members conforming to an agreed principle or rule.

 This definitely is not a piece aimed for or against the adoption of any pre-existing code of dressing or the development of any embryonic ideas for the morrow. Rather, it is an open-minded quizzing of the status quo against the inevitability of future trends in the health sector especially. Many arguments have been put forward in this regard, and in fact, in some physiotherapy units’ efforts have been made to conform to one code of dressing or the other.

The significance of uniforms cannot be overemphasized. It promotes a sense of solidarity, commonality and belongingness. Uniforms also aid to easily make out or identify and differentiate a particular professional group from another. Wouldn’t it be exciting to move from Hohoe to Wa and easily make out who a colleague Physiotherapist is by way of their dressing at work?

Many contrary views have been postulated as to why the status quo of diverse individual preferences to attire, or the adorning of either white, off- white or brownish - white laboratory coats should be maintained. Another line of thought could also argue that maintaining the status quo or adopting new dress code may not necessarily bring any change in our professional outfit, but the readiness to ensure better practice so as to move the profession to the next level. It is imperative, in my humble view, with singleness of purpose, that Physiotherapists decide the way forward or roadmap with regards to common countrywide workplace attire. Accordingly, way has been made relatively easy by what pertains in other societies generally termed as developed countries. Professional associations like CSP (UK), the APTA (USA), the APA (Australia) and other fore liners in Physiotherapy profession around the world, have adopted one form of uniform or another.


Sages past and present agree it is better to dream the future now than to live the past in the future. It is envisaged that this article would spark a thought, a conversation, and maybe, just maybe, carve a paragraph somewhere in the Ghana Physiotherapy Association Constitution someday.



Written By,

Kow Acquaah, PT.


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