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A Walk Down Memory Lane: The Roller Coaster Ride

Zealous for lifes' achievements!

We live school with the greatest hope of being a health professional, to work in a health facility and achieve the upper class affluent status in life. Back in the day, gaining admission to read biological sciences at the University of Ghana, one knew nothing other than pursuing medicine or nursing. Frankly, that was all we knew then and nothing more. We fought hard to pursue the set ambition but were stopped in our tracks with the many revelations of other health dimensions like physiotherapy, dietetics and radiotherapy just to mention a few. Colleagues were torn between the devil and the deep blue sea, as to which of the programs to pursue? In essence, we were just alerted that " it aint all about the doctors", there was definitely more to health and for that matter 'life' than we seem to know.

 The Bold Step!

In the midst of the confusion, some disappointments and the wavering dilemma came the final straw, the decision that broke the camel's back; "PHYSIOTHERAPY". To us then, what it was, what it entailed and its future remained enigmatic but were still willing to try. At that stage, one was often asked, what course are you pursuing?, and the usual answer used to be, oh! physiotherapy. The immediate responses were; what!, what did you say?, what therapy?, what is that?,etc. This just goes to show how new and very unfamiliar the profession was to the Ghanaian society and the uncertainty surrounding its future considering our own ambitions. In the phase of all these sentiments and the many unanswered thought provoking questions, fellow colleagues pressed on, mostly sitting on tenterhooks but still waxed strong.

Like any other new programme, ours wasn't any different, there were many hurdles to cross, issues with lecture rooms, academic staff strength, course materials, students feuds and the unending healthy interdepartmental rivalry. Nonetheless, we advanced with zeal in championing the course of physiotherapy within and beyond the university. Yes, fellow colleagues, gone were the days of rigorous training and experiences that will be deeply held in our memories for life.

The Professional life!

We eventually finished school with brighter hopes having grasped the whole essence of the profession and the greater opportunities that abound as regards to job opportunities. Physiotherapy practice in Ghana today is advancing with much interdisciplinary collaboration both at the educational and clinical levels for research and optimal patient care respectively.

Specifically, the physiotherapy department of the Korle Bu Teaching is taking some giant strides in the clinical phase of the profession in the country with very positive results and more than ever, fellow colleagues are more fired up to make it in life.

The aforementioned achievements were not without some formidable challenges. Indeed, we are sometimes faced with some turbulence professionally and so far it has been a roller coaster ride. However, with our readiness to look beyond the horizon, we faintly see the rainbow, our professional posture are still being rekindled and one to another we say to ourselves "it will be well", there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

Physiotherapists are still waxing strong, our young fresh minds yearn to get to the top and indeed we are climbing the ladder of success to achieve the achievable. Borrowing President Obama's words, join me fellow colleagues in unison to say, "YES WE CAN" and indeed we will get there. The world is our stage!


Written By
PT Beatrice Sankah


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