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The Uniformity Conundrum

 Mark Twain, a Philosopher wrote that, ‘clothes make a man’ though that is controversial, there is some truth embedded therein. All over the world many organisations and professional groups have adopted one form of dress code or the other over the years with many still undergoing some metamorphosis; a uniform is generally considered as a set of standard clothing worn by members conforming to an agreed principle or rule.

 This definitely is not a piece aimed for or against the adoption of any pre-existing code of dressing or the development of any embryonic ideas for the morrow. Rather, it is an open-minded quizzing of the status quo against the inevitability of future trends in the health sector especially. Many arguments have been put forward in this regard, and in fact, in some physiotherapy units’ efforts have been made to conform to one code of dressing or the other.

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Thinking Yourself Into Shape

Many people think that fitness begins in the gym. However, research suggests that it starts much nearer to home i.e. in one’s head. It is only by igniting and maintaining one’s motivation to make changes in life, to become more active and to eat more healthily that will guarantee one’s fitness goals. The trick is to find ways to enjoy exercise and discover the pleasures of good eating; once you fall in love with real food and the buzz you get from exercising you will never want to give them up.And that’s the best way to stay in shape forever.

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A Walk Down Memory Lane: The Roller Coaster Ride

Zealous for lifes' achievements!

We live school with the greatest hope of being a health professional, to work in a health facility and achieve the upper class affluent status in life. Back in the day, gaining admission to read biological sciences at the University of Ghana, one knew nothing other than pursuing medicine or nursing. Frankly, that was all we knew then and nothing more. We fought hard to pursue the set ambition but were stopped in our tracks with the many revelations of other health dimensions like physiotherapy, dietetics and radiotherapy just to mention a few. Colleagues were torn between the devil and the deep blue sea, as to which of the programs to pursue? In essence, we were just alerted that " it aint all about the doctors", there was definitely more to health and for that matter 'life' than we seem to know.

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